Do It Yourself 
                         HIGH IMPACT                             FURNITURE PROMOTIONS

Are you considering;


  • a HIGH IMPACT SALES EVENT to raise cash?

  • a HIGH IMPACT SALES EVENT to celebrate your retirement?

  • a HIGH IMPACT SALES EVENT to get rid of tired inventory?

  • a HIGH IMPACT SALES EVENT to close your store(s)?

  • hiring an Independent Liquidation Contractor to run your event? Why?

Honestly, most furniture store owners could manage their own high impact sales event IF they had the right tools and a proper plan. Are you the kind of store owner that demands to be "in-charge" of your store operations no matter what? If so, then this is for you!

That's where I come in. After spending several years running cash raising, going out of business, retirement and store closing high impact sales events for my own company I decided to offer all you do-it-yourself-ers a customized kit so you can manage your own high impact sales event and save the commissions you would normally have paid to an independent liquidation contractor!              (I charged my clients up to 10% of gross sales)
I'm Jeff York and I created Do It Yourself (DIY) Furniture Promotions to offer you the right package of marketing tools for your particular sales event and a customized detailed plan of action to help you manage all aspects of your high impact sales event. Think about it this way; if your event produced $500,000 in sales, you would pay out $50,000 or more to the independent liquidation contractor. Why do that when you can just Do It Yourself; with my help! Click here to see what I can do for you.

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