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                         HIGH IMPACT                             FURNITURE PROMOTIONS

Jeff York is the owner of York Consulting Services and the creator of DIY Furniture Promotions. Mr. York has over 15 years of experience in the furniture industry, with over 10 years as the National Sales Manager for the single largest furniture retailer in America. He was a Managing Partner with the Craven Companies, LLC, a Liquidation and Consulting firm, in charge of the furniture division. It was here that Mr. York learned the secrets to creating, marketing and managing High Impact furniture events. Through York Consulting Services Mr. York advises his clients in investment portfolio construction, loss/risk planning, Long-Term Care planning and Life Coaching. The preferred method for contacting York Consulting Services is by email. Please use the "Message" section to detail the nature of your inquiry. Mr. York is dedicated to responding to serious inquiries within 48 hours.