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Mr.Jeff York consulted my company Continental Furniture for our G.O.B. sale.
The sale was 90 days from Nov.1st-Jan.31st 2015.
The sale was very successful. Mr.York advised us for all our marketing and financial information.
His spreadsheets laid out all the suggested markdowns per week in order for us to achieve our profit goals.He also suggested high impact signage and media samples.
At the end of the 90 days we sold 98% of all our inventory.We also generated in store traffic at a pace of triple from the norm.
The only suggestion I highly recommend is to staff your sales associates at a level to handle triple the amount of normal in store traffic.
Working with Mr. Jeff York was smooth and easy.
I strongly recommend you to hire him for your G.O.B. sale.

Mitchell Portugal  President
Continental Furniture
Chicago Il.